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hourglasscreate's Journal

Candy Madigan
27 September
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I hate having to figure out what to tell people about myself. Let's see...

Candy Madigan is well above the age of consent. She has been married twice, her first husband died in 1998 and she married a wonderful second husband (John) in 1999. The first marriage ended in divorce since that was a better option than murder and then the jerk went and died anyway. She has a daughter (Kindra) who was born in 1990 and of whom she is very proud.

Candy doesn't like animals at all, which is why she has surrounded herself with pets; a cat (Bastet), two dogs (Jenna and Henrietta), a bunny (Gracie). Her husband lets her keep lots of pets as an alternative to having lots of babies. Of course, at this point, babies is rather a moot point, but that doesn't stop her from wanting more animals.

Candy spent 20 years in the USAF and hated it for about 19 of those years, but circumstances were always such that reenlisting was the only viable option. She spent 10 years on Bolling AFB in DC, a year on Kunsan AB, Korea, and the remainder of her career at Fort Meade Maryland. The last 5 years were spent in "The Building" (NSA). Her job was not security related in any way, but she had a clearance so that she could get to her desk. Which is rather good since Candy likes to talk and is happy not to know anything which she could accidentally let slip.

After retiring from the Air Force in 2004, she started a vending business. She had started a sewing business before retirement, but in June of 2004 she saw a young woman walking across a field and called her over so she could look at her hemline. The young woman's (Betsy's) skirt was appliqued and cut out along the bottom edge of the applique. She told Betsy that she was going to steal the idea from her and Betsy thought to herself, "Yeah, sure. You'll do one and that will be all she wrote." A few weeks later, she met Betsy and suggested that the two of them collaborate. Candy was really talking just to hear her own voice (reference the above paragraph) but Betsy took the idea and ran with it. Two years later, Betsy lost interest in the business and Candy is now doing it all herself.

Candy's on-line presence is limited to LJ and Cardboardia where she is Mom.

I consider going into someone's journal for the express purpose of being nasty to them to be trolling and will delete any comments of that sort and ban the user Thank you, twistedchick for the idea.