January 4th, 2013

Spart and Hen cuddled

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So I haven't posted much on LJ recently. My phone app was being rude about posting and I sorta migrated to FB.

In October I was introduced to a calorie counting app called Lose It! I love it. I've lost more than 20 pounds so far and that includes $mas. .

Also in October we lost Henrietta (the black dog in my icon). It was totally sudden and unexpected. I woke up one Sunday morning and said to her, "Henrietta, your daddy doesn't have any room." And then I touched her. It was a total shock because we'd been expecting to suddenly lose Jenna, not Hen.

Speaking of Jenna, she had to be spayed in December. She got an infection in her uterus and it had to come out. I was concerned about putting a dog that old through major surgery, but it was clearly the right decision. When we went to pick her up on Wednesday she was already acting better than she had when we dropped her off the day before. A week later she was acting better than she had in ages. She's still blind, deaf, arthritic and senile, but she's much happier as evidenced by the fact that she got into the WSFA snacks at WSFA last time. Not that I like her misbehaving, but I'm glad to see her feeling well enough to misbehave again.

Spartacus (the chihuahua in my icon) is now completely housebroken. It only took 10 months. It might have happened earlier but we had another unhousebroken dog living with us for a while and his attitude was that if Millie didn't have to go out, neither did he.

Also his manners are getting better and better. He will always be a chihuahua, but he's now also a real (albeit tiny) dog.

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